Exterity solutions enable you to create video channels from your existing content and stream them around your organisation for viewing on any device.  

You can also make assets available as Video on Demand (VoD), enabling viewers to watch at their convenience, wherever they are.


Features & Benefits

Efficient sharing of information

  • Turn your own video assets into channels available on your network, easily accessible by staff, guests or customers.
  • Stream each channel once, regardless of the number of viewers, thus saving on bandwidth
  • Mix other video streams with your own to create a fully customised video environment.
  • Exterity's headend products, AvediaStream Encoders, provide reliable and energy-efficient power consumption per channel.
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Flexibility and scale

  • Make video available to an unlimited number of viewers, wherever they are located.
  • Let viewers access videos from their own device in their own time, and give them control such as fast forward/rewind/pause, add subtitles or change language.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a future-proof solution, as your Exterity IPTV systems can grow with your requirements.

Full integration with Exterity and non-Exterity devices

  • Share informative, training or promotional videos within digital signage with ArtioSign.
  • Make content available as VoD assets within the ArtioView IPTV portal.
  • Share content on any end-point, from video walls and Smart TVs to mobile devices and AvediaStream Media Players and desktop platforms.
  • Hassle-free, intuitive setup and an easy-to-manage web interface extensive control and monitoring of your entire IPTV system.
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Complete end-to-end content protection

  • Ensure that premium video and TV content is secure throughout its journey with our built-in Digital Rights Management.
  • Make sure that only authorised individuals can see specific video content with our advanced conditional access controls.
  • Seamless integration with HDCPv2 and other international technology standards for content protection, ensures secure video distribution from source to display.

Use Cases

Video streaming in Enterprise

  • Efficiently educate groups of employees, such as new starts, by enabling them to watch training sessions together.
  • Let staff access training videos on their own device to watch at their convenience, wherever they are.
  • Keep staff informed of the latest company news, product announcements or KPIs, by integrating video into digital signage.
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Video streaming in Hospitality

  • Provide viewers with a library of video content to select and view at their convenience.
  • Integrate promotional videos within digital signage screens in public areas to drive additional revenue.
  • Share critical information, such as health and safety messaging, to staff and guests.

Video streaming in Venues

  • Deliver video content to any end-point, from video walls to mobile devices, and keep visitors and fans up to date and entertained, wherever they are.
  • Integrate video content easily with other stadium technology including signage, ticketing and VIP services.
  • Replay event coverage for later analysis to help teams assess and improve performance in future games.
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