Whether you’re looking to engage with stadium fans, hotel guests, or corporate employees, Exterity supports your business objectives with an integrated suite of intuitive and powerful experience-enhancing IP video, digital signage and infotainment solutions.


Features & Benefits

Engage your audience with a personalised experience

  • Deliver impactful digital signage relevant to your audience, such as wayfinding, meeting room availability, menu options or transport schedules.
  • Make hotel guests feel special with personalised in-room welcome messages and let them enhance their stay with TV-based ordering.
  • Create tailored experiences for stadium fans or corporate guests that promote your brand and drive revenue.
  • Motivate staff by supporting a bring-your-own-device culture, letting them access video content at any time from their preferred device.
Quartz Signage
Anthurium Signage

Enjoy an intuitive creation process

  • Create engaging screens in just a few minutes with our intuitive drag-and-drop application interfaces.
  • Customise each screen element to reflect the distinctive identity and feel of your organisation.
  • If you need assistance designing your perfect interface, we can help you with our dedicated Design Service.

Open up to unlimited choice

  • Integrate live TV, video, text, graphics, PDFs, PPTs, Twitter, RSS feeds, meeting room information, and more in your digital signage screens designed with ArtioSign.
  • Publish signage and stream video right around your organisation or facility to engage with your audience at every opportunity.
  • Enable guests to access TV and VoD, but also Room Service, Chromecast, Mailbox and more from an interactive IPTV portal created with ArtioView.
  • Give employees access to live news and recorded video content on any connected device around your organisation with IPTV middleware.
Create on screen with Artiosign

Use Cases

Create a unique guest experience

  • Create eye-catching and customisable interfaces for accessing not only TV or Video on Demand, but also promotional information to drive additional revenue.
  • Enable guests to book excursions, spa treatments and more from the comfort of their room.
  • Communicate with your guests by sending them promotional, personalised or safety messages straight to their in-room TV.
Bayer Signage

Enhance corporate communications

  • Inform employees with signage screens in common areas and create a sense of community in the workplace.
  • Give employees access to live news and recorded video content, such as training, townhall meetings or company announcements around your organisation.
  • Deliver content from a central point to TVs, SmartTVs, computer screens and mobile devices and let viewers choose their preferred device.

Engage fans in stadiums and venues

  • Integrate products and services promotions within digital signage and drive additional revenue.
  • Deliver a high-end experience to VIP suites in venues and let customers select TV channels or VoD, but also make additional requests such as ordering refreshments direct to their box.
  • Provide events and conferences information, such as wayfinding, meeting room availability or sponsor information.
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