Mobile Video Solutions

Delivering content to connected devices on any network

Exterity's IP-based solutions enable the seamless delivery of high-quality video content across all connected devices over a wide range of networks, including wired LAN, WiFi, WAN and the Internet.

With the trend towards viewing content remotely and on-the-go increasing due to demand from remote staff, visitors and guests to access high-quality video content while on the move, organizations now need to expand the reach of their video communications beyond their internal IP network.

mobile video
Exterity solutions transcode from high bitrate content on an organization’s network to bitrates and resolutions that are appropriate for mobile devices and distribution. Our Origin Server delivers streams to mobiles using streaming protocols suitable for the wireless and mobile networks that they are transmitted over. We also provide a single middleware platform that presents the available services consistently across devices.

Use an Exterity Mobile Video solution to:

  • Enable remote viewers to keep up to date with the latest news, events and favorite entertainment channels on their chosen device, wherever they are
  • Support a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture, a growing trend which enables flexible work arrangements
  • Offer enhanced video services that improve viewer loyalty to your organization
  • Provide a consistent interface for channel delivery and services across a wide range of devices and audiences with different viewing requirements.

Read more: Download the Beyond the LAN brochure

health organisation IP video solution

A Healthcare organization wants to give patients the ability to view channels on TVs as well as mobile devices.

A University wants to stream graduation ceremonies around campus as well as via the internet to relatives and friends around the world.

university IP video solution