Exterity solutions enable organisations to contribute live video content between multiple points using a private or public network connection, or routing through a CDN.

SRT is integrated with Exterity’s core streaming technology to provide the Secure and Reliable Transport of video between remote sites.


Features & Benefits

Make any video content available, anywhere

  • Share live video between offices and keep employees up to date with company news, KPIs and announcements.
  • Enable remote viewers to watch video content on their chosen device, such as TVs, SmartTVs, desktop or mobile devices, wherever they are.
  • Deliver news and information from remote locations back to central control facilities.
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Secure and reliable transport of video with SRT

  • Guarantee Secure and Reliable Transport (SRT) of video between remote sites for distribution to all the screens in your Exterity system using the AvediaStream g4401 Gateways.
  • Stream videos with minimal delay between sites over the internet, without the need for costly dedicated delivery networks.
  • Protect streams with industry-standard AES encryption.

Contribute to Internet CDN Services

  • Utilise CDN provider infrastructure to extend reach of content.
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Use your own network with HLS

  • Leverage your own private network with HLS (HTTP Live Streaming).
  • Stream video in an HTTPS environment across different locations and deliver content to mobile devices.
  • Convert streams to HLS using the AvediaStream Transcoder and Origin Server.

Use Cases

Share corporate videos to regional offices using SRT

  • Exterity’s g4400 gateway delivers video using the SRT protocol, ensuring content is encrypted and reliable.
  • Video is streamed over the internet and another g4400 gateway receives and decrypts the video streams in another site.
  • Content is now ready to be viewed on any end point by remote employees.
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Contribute Video to CDN/Microsoft Streams Enterprise Video System

  • Deliver live video from enterprise events to all staff through Microsoft Streams infrastructure and applications.
  • Contribute content securely into Microsoft Streams, ingested as HLS, via our IP gateway.
  • Live transcode into formats and bitrates to support delivery to Microsoft Streams apps and browser instances across a range of device types and networks.

Share corporate videos to regional offices using HLS