AvediaStream Transcoders

Transform digital media content for compatibility with any device, anywhere

Exterity AvediaStream® Transcoders are high-performance content transformation tools that enable content to be easily converted into a compatible format for delivery to the users preferred viewing device, whether that’s a TV/display screen, a computer or a mobile device.

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The Exterity AvediaStream Transcoder range caters for a broad range of streaming requirements and is capable of off-line (file-to-file) transcoding, live transcoding and streaming.

Different transcoding activities require varying amounts of system resource. To help identify the remaining transcoding capacity, the AvediaStream t5320/t5620 track the activity of the device in real time, displaying an easy-to-read usage chart in the user interface.

Benefits of AvediaStream Transcoders include:

  • Enable real-time delivery of video and audio content to any device, keeping end users up to date and entertained, wherever they are
  • Extend the reach of enterprise IP video by distributing audiovisual content to a broad range of devices
  • Save 50% bandwidth whilst maintaining quality using the new HEVC (H.265) codec
  • Ensure video traceability and brand your video content with customisable text, image and time watermarking
  • Easily distribute production-quality video from your NDI® live production environments to your Exterity IP video solution, or contribute video from IPTV systems to NDI production environments
  • Increase reliability with transcoder high availability and channel redundancy
Transcoder text and image overlay


The main functions of the AvediaStream Transcoders include:

  • Scale: reduce or increase the resolution of the image, for example, from 4K to 1080p
  • Transcode: change the encoding of the video and/or audio; for example, HEVC to H.264
  • Transrate: alter the compression and therefore the transmission bit rate, regardless of whether the codec type is changed or not, for example, go from 6Mbps to 500kbps
  • Transpose: rotate the video (270 degrees) for use in portrait video applications, such as digital signage or airport flight information displays
  • Transcast: re-encapsulate stream transport container format to match playback devices or convert between multicast and unicast to pass through routed networks


The Exterity Transcoder range has been developed to provide varying levels of transcoding power to match solution requirements:

t5320: The t5320 is a full featured, rack-mounted transcoder capable of transforming content to suit all viewing device types. It can transcode inputs up to 4K and can deliver up to 40 concurrent channels

t5620: t5620: For more demanding transcoding requirements, the high-performance t5620 can process many different input types for integration into the IPTV system. The t5620 can transcode inputs up to 4K and deliver up to 75 concurrent channels

Choose the AvediaStream Transcoders for your needs from the table below

 AvediaStream t5320 TranscoderAvediaStream t5620 Transcoder
Convert Off-line Transcode
Convert Live Transcode
HEVC support
Stream Delivery
(up to 40 video channels depending on format)

(up to 75 video channels depending on format)

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