Deliver high-quality content to any device

Exterity AvediaStream Transcoders enable content to be easily converted into a compatible format for delivery to the users preferred viewing device, whether that’s a TV/display screen, a computer or a mobile device.

AvediaStream Transcoders

Features & Benefits

Broad range of functionality

  • Scale: reduce or increase the resolution of the image, for example, from 4K to 1080p.
  • Transcode: change the encoding of the video and/or audio; for example, HEVC to H.264.
  • Transrate: alter the compression and therefore the transmission bit rate, regardless of whether the codec type is changed or not, for example, go from 6Mbps to 500kbps.
  • Transpose: rotate the video (270 degrees) for use in portrait video.

Extensive range of use cases

  • Enable real-time delivery of video and audio content to any device, keeping end users up to date and entertained, wherever they are.
  • Save 50% bandwidth whilst maintaining quality using the HEVC (H.265) codec, which is especially important for 4K content.
  • Ensure video traceability and brand your video content with customisable text, image and time watermarking.
  • Easily distribute production-quality video from your NDI® or SDI live production environments to your Exterity IP video solution and vice versa.
  • Increase reliability with transcoder high availability and channel redundancy, providing continued availability of streams using a failover mechanism.
  • Our Transcoders and Origin Server platforms support RTMPS, enabling organisations to stream live events, such as sports competitions, to Facebook Live and reach a broad audience.

Full integration with Exterity’s solutions


Find the AvediaStream Transcoder(s) for your needs from the table below or contact your system integrator for advice

Click on a product code to access the datasheet
 AvediaStream t5320 TranscoderAvediaStream t5620 Transcoder
Convert Off-line Transcode
Convert Live Transcode
HEVC support
Stream Delivery
(up to 40 video channels depending on format)

(up to 75 video channels depending on format)

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