Increase network video system flexibility

The AvediaStream Origin Server enables organisations to deliver video to a very wide range of clients, both in and outside the wired LAN. This ensures that users are kept up to date and entertained, on their preferred device, wherever they are.

AvediaStream Origin Server

Features & Benefits

Deliver IP video to all devices

  • Stream content to mobile, desktop and remote end points.
  • Promote streaming over Wi-Fi networks.
  • Accepts streams from all Exterity head end equipment.
  • Supports a wide range of clients including Windows, Apple and Android.
AvediaStream Origin Server
AvediaStream Origin Server

Make video available everywhere

  • Deliver IP video streams in non-multicast network environments (OTT).
  • Extend the reach of video beyond the local network to remote sites.
  • Deliver video directly to a Content Delivery Network for distribution to remote end points.
  • Increase reliability with transcoder high availability and channel redundancy, providing continued availability of streams using a failover mechanism.

Full integration with Exterity’s solutions

AvediaStream Origin Server

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