Deliver live and pre-recorded video and audio directly onto an IP network

Exterity AvediaStream® Encoders stream video directly onto an IP network, creating channels from the output of a wide range of sources, including satellite TV set-top boxes, cameras, digital signage systems and computers.

Features & Benefits

High performance, secure video

  • Deliver high-quality streams and easily contribute NDI content sharing production-quality video between AVoIP live production environments and Exterity IP video solutions.
  • Minimise glass-to-glass latency with full multicast delivery when streaming live video.
  • HDCP Encoders enable organisations to legally stream premium audio-visual content to up to 1000 compatible AvediaStream Media Players.
  • AvediaStream 38-series Encoders can send secure and reliable video streams over the internet using the SRT protocol.
AvediaStream Encoder
AvediaStream Encoder

Robustness, ease of use and flexibility

  • Reliable, low cost and energy-efficient power consumption per channel.
  • Hassle-free, intuitive setup and an easy-to-manage interface offer extensive control and monitoring.
  • Blade-into-Chassis design provides a highly reliable modular solution with ‘Hot Swapping’ ability to minimise downtime.
  • IP multicast streaming enables delivery to an unlimited number of endpoints.

Full integration with Exterity’s solutions

AvediaStream Encoder

Find the AvediaStream Encoder(s) for your needs from the table below or contact your system integrator for advice

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 e2320e3830-stde3830-hdcp-32e3830-hdcp-proe3832-stde3832-hdcp-32e3832-hdcp-pro e3750 e3752
Sources IR out source control                
Inputs 2 1 1 1 2 2 2 1 2
Video Input Composite                
SD Component                
SDI (SD, HD, 3G)              
SFP Interface              
Audio Input Line Level Stereo                
Encoding HD 1080p  
HD 1080i/720p  
HDCPv2 Content Protection              
HDCP Professional Content Protection              
Video Scaler    
MPEG-1 Layer II Audio            
Stereo AAC Audio  
Streaming UDP Multicast

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