Receive and display high-quality video streams on any display

AvediaStream Media Players are powerful and ultra-reliable set-top boxes that connect any display to an IP network. Our wide range of media players ensure you can find the right one to meet your needs.

AvediaStream Mediaplayer, ArtioSign

Features & Benefits

Display eye-catching digital signage and interactive portals

  • Store and display hours of high-quality video and image assets within digital signage solutions created with ArtioSign.
  • Enable guests to enjoy live and recorded TV, movies, information and more, all accessed via  user interfaces created with ArtioGuest, our interactive IPTV technology solution.
  • Support IPTV streams up to 4K for excellent image quality.
  • Combine stunning 4K video with smooth, intricately detailed 4K 60fps graphics and animations with the AvediaStream m9605 Media Player.
Avediaplayer Mediaplayer

Robust and reliable

  • Quiet, fanless design.
  • Plug-and-play connectivity with Power over Ethernet (PoE) (not m9605)
  • HTTPS and IEEE 802.1x support for sensitive network environments.
  • Display premium live and VoD content to match broadcaster or security requirements using HDCPv2.2 and HDCP Professional, Samsung LYNK™ DRM and ARRIS SECUREMEDIA®.
  • Pick up live IPTV streams or VoD content from the network and output as SDI for integration into broadcast/studio environments using the r9350.

Full integration with Exterity’s solutions

Avediaplayer Media Player

Find the AvediaStream Media Player(s) for your needs from the table below or contact your system integrator for advice

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 Applications NetworkFeaturesOutputs
AvediaStreamArtioSignArtioGuestArtioPortalAV ModeEthernetWi-FiPoESignage StorageVideo ResolutionGraphics ResolutionContent ProtectionHDMISDIAnalogueEthernet
m9605         128GB 4K 4K          
m9400         32GB  4K HD        
m9405       32GB 4K HD      
m9305     32GB HD HD      
r9300       HD HD     
r9310       HD HD      
m9325   32GB HD HD    
m9325 Wi-Fi   32GB HD HD    
r9350             HD          

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