The central server platform for managing your end-to-end Exterity IP video system

Exterity AvediaServer is the central platform for managing your IP video and digital signage system. In one location you can

  • Control Exterity applications and devices and non-Exterity devices such as SmartTVs
  • Set flexible record and play options
  • Create interactive user experience portals with ArtioGuest or ArtioPortal
  • Create and manage digital signage with ArtioSign, and much more

AvediaServer delivers the content viewers want, when they want it. Schedule recording of live TV for later playback and provide Video on Demand with ease. Catchup TV provides users with the convenience of up to 7 days playback directly via the Electronic Program Guide (EPG). And easy-to-use applications including ArtioSign and ArtioGuest enable quick and simple creation, management and display of signage and interactive viewing interfaces.

Avediaserver asset manager on PC screen web

AvediaServer can also import and store a range of content, such as training videos and movies, which can be distributed as Video on Demand or as play channels, to suit an orgnanisation's particular needs. AvediaServer comes with a choice of two fully customisable middleware applications; new ArtioGuest, for use in hospitality environments, and ArtioPortal, both of which can be tailored for individuals or groups of viewers in different areas of an organisation or venue.

From the central AvediaServer platform, content can be delivered across standard TVs, SmartTVs, computer screens, mobile devices and thin clients, so users need only select their preferred viewing device. And AvediaServer's clean, modern browser-based user interface is both intuitive and engaging, ensuring that day-to-day management as well as more in depth administrative control of your entire IPTV system is achievable with ease.

Benefits of AvediaServer include:

  • Centrally control all Exterity products, simplifying system maintenance
  • Efficiently manage the entire IPTV system, saving administrators time and effort
  • Monitor channels to ensure content is being successfully added to the network
  • Provide viewers with a library of video content to select and view
  • Deliver content to suit the viewer’s schedule, with Catchup TV and Video on Demand, providing a more convenient and personalised experience
  • Create channels using uploaded or recorded content - supports up to 4K UHD and H.265 (HEVC)
  • Centrally record any channels on the IP network for delivery as a play channel or as Video on Demand content
  • Back up content for peace of mind and future reference
  • Set up backup channels to ensure viewers enjoy a reliable and uninterrupted viewing experience in case of stream failure
  • Customise viewing interfaces with built-in ArtioGuest or ArtioPortal
  • Create, manage and publish digital signage with built-in ArtioSign
  • Gain insight on how Videos on Demand and TV channels are being used in ArtioGuest, and get proof of play statistics for ArtioSign with ArtioInsight


Smart ControlTM 

The powerful new Smart Control software app brings control of your IP video system applications and end points - including non-Exterity devices such as SmartTVs - into one central location. Smart Control enables simple day-to-day management of a mixed device IPTV system and brings the Control apps for ArtioSign and ArtioGuest into one place. Commands include the ability to control individual and groups of devices: turn them on/off, set volume/mute/unmute, change channels, publish signage to groups of screens and more, all with familiar drag-and-drop ease.

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Choose the AvediaServer for your needs from the tables below.

AvediaServer ModuleIP video system managementChannel RedundancySmart ControlVideo on Demand and PlaybackArtioSignArtioSign video import conversionArtioPortalArtioGuest
AvediaServer m8105            
AvediaServer m8115        
AvediaServer m7205      
AvediaServer m7305    
AvediaServer m8365    


   Core Software Modules Bandwidth Options Hard Disk RAID Options
    RAID 10
m8105 m8115 m7205 m7305 m8365 110 Mbs 220 Mbps 550 Mbps 1000 Mbps 2000 Mbps 3000 Mbps 6000 Mbps 4TB 8TB 16TB 24TB 32TB 48TB

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