AvediaPlayer Receivers

High-performance digital media players with integrated digital signage. Receive and display high-quality video streams on any display

The Exterity AvediaPlayer™ Receiver is a powerful and ultra-reliable set-top box that connects any display to an IP network, enabling playback of live TV channels from AvediaStream® TVgateways and Encoders, as well as scheduled-play content from the AvediaServer®. You can also control and manage playback on your full estate of receivers using the AvediaServer

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AvediaPlayer r9300 and r9310 Receivers come with ArtioSign® digital signage software pre-installed, enabling organizations to combine TV and video with live news updates and tailored messages to strengthen communications.

Benefits of AvediaPlayer Receivers:

  • Simply plug-and-play with automatic channel discovery, a built-in user interface and Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Gain instant access to the built-in ArtioSign digital signage functionality with simple license-based activation
  • Receivers support IPTV streams up to 1080p60 for excellent image quality
  • ArtioPortal® middleware enables you to create a fully- customizable viewing experience with an EPG provided as standard, branding options, VOD and interactive services
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  • TV control using Serial or CEC: control the TV and receiver from one remote control or switch your screens on/off from AvediaServer
  • Stream video content protected by industry-leading standards for content security, HDCP, ARRIS SECUREMEDIA® and Samsung LYNK™ DRM
  • HLS video playback allows for uninterrupted video streaming in variable network environments, e.g. WiFi or WAN
  • Accelerated channel change mode enables sub-500ms channel changes (transcoder required).

The Exterity AvediaPlayer Receiver range




r9300 180x100

The AvediaPlayer r9300 is a powerful and compact receiver set-top box that connects any display to your existing IP network to receive digital TV channels and other video sources. It features a single Ethernet port and an HDMI® output and comes with pre-installed ArtioSign digital signage software.


r9310 180x100

The AvediaPlayer r9310 builds on the foundation of AvediaPlayer r9300 and adds numerous additional analogue outputs to support a wide-range of display options.


r9220 180x100

The AvediaPlayer r9220 Receiver combines the delivery of HD video with four Ethernet ports, which enable organizations to provide additional services, such as voice and data, via one device for lower capital and operating costs.


r9350 right x 180x100

The AvediaStream r9350 Receiver is a powerful decoding device with an SDI output designed to take IP video content and contribute it directly into broadcast and studio environments and monitors.

Create eye-catching dynamic video wall displays

  • AvediaPlayer Receivers enable you to stream and scale your on-screen content across multiple displays. Each individual screen connects directly to a dedicated receiver, enabling the video wall to be made up of an unlimited number of screens.
  • Each screen in the video wall can be set to display unique content. A single channel or video source can be split across any or all of the screens in the video wall.
  • AvediaPlayer Receivers can also be set to display a combination of shared and separate video. Unit-to-unit sync is within one frame, enabling large displays to be created from multiple screens.
video wall full screens flat 360 321

Receiver Development Kit

The Receiver Development Kit (RDK) enables Exterity AvediaPlayer Receivers to be integrated seamlessly with standard IP video equipment from many other manufacturers. Third party applications can then control Receivers via Terminal Control Interface (TCI), SNMP and JavaScript.

AvediaPlayer Plugin

AvediaPlayer Plugin integrates with a wide variety of digital signage devices and other dedicated Windows application platforms to display HD TV and video content.

  • Add live TV and VoD to digital signage applications
  • Customize engaging digital signage to distribute information and advertising
  • Ideal for public spaces such as reception and arrival areas, boardrooms, recreational and social zones
  • Securely adds premium broadcast channels through integration with SecureMedia content encryption

Ensuring your content is always protected

Exterity provides a number of content protection systems to ensure secure delivery of premium content across an IP network, including HDCP, ARRIS SECUREMEDIA® and Samsung LYNK™ DRM. Organizations can benefit from peace of mind, knowing all streamed content is fully protected. Find out more.

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