AvediaPlayer Media Players

High-performance digital media players with integrated digital signage. Receive and display high-quality video streams on any display

Exterity AvediaPlayer™ Media Players are powerful and ultra-reliable set-top boxes that connect any display to an IP network, enabling playback of live TV channels from AvediaStream® Gateways and Encoders, as well as scheduled play and digital signage content stored on the AvediaServer®. You can also control and manage playback of your full estate of set-top boxes using the AvediaServer.


Benefits of AvediaPlayer Media Players

  • Simply connect and play with automatic channel discovery, a built-in user interface and Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Gain instant access to the integrated ArtioSign digital signage functionality with simple license-based activation. Large content storage allows for media-rich digital signage campaigns
  • Media players support IPTV streams up to 4K for excellent video quality, while also guaranteeing superior audio quality through Dolby Audio™
  • The AvediaPlayer m9325 Wi-Fi comes with an integrated Wi-Fi module which enables IPTV and digital signage content to be delivered wirelessly
  • Stream video content protected by industry-leading standards for content security, HDCPv2.2 and HDCP Professional, Samsung LYNK™ DRM and ARRIS SECUREMEDIA®
  • HLS video playback allows for uninterrupted video streaming in variable network environments, e.g. Wi-Fi or WAN
  • Accelerated channel change mode enables sub-500ms channel changes (transcoder required)
  • TV control using Serial or CEC: control the TV and media player from one remote control or switch your screens on/off from AvediaServer
  • Support for 802.1X authentication enables AvediaPlayer Media Players to be added to an 802.1X-protected network

Create, manage and display eye-catching digital signage and portals

Gain instant access to the integrated ArtioSign® digital signage functionality with simple license-based activation. Our media player models dedicated to signage - AvediaPlayer m9305, m9325, m9325 Wi-Fi and m9405 - come with 32GB of storage capacity, which enables you to deliver media-rich digital signage campaigns up to 4K. You can also create a fully-customisable viewing experience for guests and stream live or recorded TV and video to hospitality TVs via ArtioGuest middleware, and display on in-room TVs via any connected media player.

Create eye-catching dynamic video wall displays

  • AvediaPlayer Media Players enable you to stream and scale your on-screen content across multiple displays. Each individual screen connects directly to a dedicated media player, enabling the video wall to be made up of an unlimited number of screens.
  • Each screen in the video wall can be set to display unique content. A single channel or video source can be split across any or all of the screens in the video wall.
  • AvediaPlayer set-top boxes can also be set to display a combination of shared and separate video. Unit-to-unit sync is to within one frame, enabling large displays to be created from multiple screens.

AvediaPlayer Media Player Range

AvediaPlayerEthernetWi-FiPoE32GB StorageResolutionContent ProtectionHDMISDIAnalogueEthernet
r9300     HD     
r9310     HD      
m9305   HD      
m9325   HD    
m9325 Wi-Fi   HD    
m9405   4K      
r9350       HD        

Receiver Development Kit

The Receiver Development Kit (RDK) enables AvediaPlayer Media Players to integrate seamlessly with standard IP video equipment from many other manufacturers. Third-party applications can then control the Media Players via the Terminal Control Interface (TCI), SNMP and JavaScript.

Ensuring your content is always protected

Exterity solutions support a number of end-to-end content protection systems to ensure secure delivery of premium content across an IP network, including HDCPv2.2 and HDCP Professional, Samsung LYNK™ DRM and ARRIS SECUREMEDIA®. Organisations can benefit from peace of mind, knowing all streamed content is fully protected. Find out more.

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