Exterity AvediaCare

Register your Exterity products for aftercare warranty: updates, support and advance product replacement

Exterity AvediaCare is a comprehensive aftercare warranty program that provides you with software and firmware updates and access to the AvediaCare Support Team, via your Exterity channel partner. AvediaCare cover also includes access to bug fixes and additional user interface options, all designed to maximize system performance and add enhanced functionality.

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If an issue arises that cannot be resolved by your reseller, the Exterity AvediaCare Support Team is on hand to ensure timely resolution with minimum impact to your business. In the unlikely event that an Exterity product breaks down, AvediaCare ensures a working unit is shipped out to you the same day, at no extra cost, returning the system to its fully operational state as quickly as possible.

Benefits of AvediaCare include:

  • Peace of mind: ensure your IP video system is fully protected, maintained and enhanced over its lifetime with an extensive manufacturer supported warranty from Exterity
  • Advance unit replacement ensures a working unit will be shipped same day returning the system to its fully operational state as quickly as possible
  • Frequent software and firmware releases so your system functionality continually increases
  • Access our global support network: relax in the knowledge that expert help is available whenever and wherever you need it
  • Hassle-free support: in the first instance, just contact your reseller for support
  • Stay connected: AvediaCare cover helps keep your Exterity solution fully operational

AvediaCare cover is automatically included for the first year of your Exterity solution. Register your products to activate your cover.

To discuss support issues or to extend your AvediaCare warranty, please contact your reseller.

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