Digital Signage + IPTV in One. Create, manage and display impactful digital signage to enhance communications


Create, manage and display eye-catching, dynamic HD digital signage with ArtioSign on the AvediaServer platform. Seamless integration with Exterity's IP video solutions enables live TV and video to be quickly incorporated into impactful signage screens that inform, communicate and engage.

With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, ArtioSign combines powerful functionality with unparalleled ease of use welcomed by users of all abilities across a range of industries, including corporate & finance, stadiums, education, transport and more. 

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ArtioSign Create graphical screen editor on AvediaServer enables the creation of uniquely branded, tailored signage, with drag-and-drop ease

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ArtioSign Control on AvediaServer lets you manage what is displayed on individual and groups of signage devices. Use ArtioSign Schedule to plan your signage campaigns

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ArtioSign Display enables you to turn any connected display into a digital signage delivery point. Publish content to a single end-point or a network of screens

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ArtioSign Brochure

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For technical information: Download the ArtioSign datasheet



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