Easily create a tailored interface for an enhanced viewing experience on any device

ArtioPortal LogoArtioPortal is a powerful middleware platform that enables organizations to provide an unparalleled viewing experience in HD quality. IP video system administrators can easily customize and deliver dynamic, high-performance viewing interfaces for TV, Video on Demand, radio and interactive services, on any device.

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ArtioPortal lets viewers search and access live TV and radio channels via an Electronic Program Guide (EPG), discover and view video content on-demand, and interact with information pages via a user-friendly interface delivered on their preferred device.

Using the intuitive screen editor, all essential functions can be effortlessly added, including options to apply your organization’s branding, trigger recordings and inject promotions or messages to create tailored, interactive content for different audiences. In the hospitality sector for example, ArtioPortal has the ability to provide guests with billing details, express checkout, room service, laundry service or taxi pick-up via the TV in their room.

The ArtioPortal viewing interface can be developed for individuals or groups of viewers, with the flexibility of multiscreen delivery across standard TVs via AvediaPlayer Media Players, computer screens, SmartTVs and mobile devices, enhancing the way IP video content is viewed and delivered.

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Benefits of ArtioPortal include:

  • Create branded, tailored TV and video interfaces and EPGs for viewers on their preferred device
  • Display informative, visually-engaging content and interactive services on any device
  • Easily apply your organization’s branding - no additional coding is required
  • Create and edit screens and layouts at any time
  • Deliver content from a central point to standard TVs via AvediaPlayer Media Players, SmartTVs, computer screens and mobile devices
  • Integration with a hotel Property Management System (PMS) enables guests to order room service, book taxis and spa services, or use express checkout via their TV
  • Integration with NETx Automation Building Management System (BMS) provides Android device controls for rooms, such as heating, lighting and blinds

ArtioPortal for Mobile

Watching live TV and Video on Demand on mobile devices is simple with our easy-to-use mobile App*. At the touch of a button, users can view content at full screen on the mobile device of their choice, without the need to enter a URL or see the browser controls. Users of Android devices can also find and play content using voice search.

*Note: AvediaServer 7.4 or above from Exterity is required to use the mobile App.

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ArtioPortal on SmartTVs

ArtioPortal support is provided for the following SmartTVs:

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ArtioPortal Support for Samsung SmartTVs

  • Mirror screens from a smartphone directly to a Samsung SmartTV
  • Samsung Smart Signage Players (Large Format Displays) are also supported
  • In a hospitality environment, guests can add any Samsung Smart Hub App (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.), to ArtioPortal, enabling access to those services via the hotel room TV
  • ArtioPortal comes pre-configured for Airtime, a cloud-based Video on Demand service. This enables guests to choose content from a library of titles for streaming direct to their hotel room TV, without subscription
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  • Source switching from within ArtioPortal makes it easy to swap to an alternative input source for the TV, such as HDMI to support a games console
  • Continue to watch the current channel while browsing the channel list
  • Create different screen backgrounds per application

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