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Innovative products, solutions and services that enable organizations to distribute HD quality video and audio to an unlimited number of end points.

Central server platform for managing your end-to-end Exterity IP video system


Create customised interfaces for viewing TV, video-on-demand and interactive services on any device


Create, manage and display impactful digital signage to enhance communications


Display high-quality video streams and digital signage on any display with a range of high-performance digital media players

Media Players

Stream hundreds of live TV and radio channels throughout your organization over your IP network

AvediaStream TVgateways

Stream high-quality, live and pre-recorded low latency video content over IP

AvediaStream Encoders

Transform digital media content for compatibility with any device, anywhere

AvediaStream Transcoders

Easily distribute video content to any device across LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi and the Internet

AvediaStream Origin Server



Ensure your Exterity solution is protected, maintained and enhanced over its lifetime with our comprehensive support warranty.


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