Distribute operational IP Video streams with KLV/CoT Metadata

Military forces use Exterity’s market-leading, end-to-end IP video solutions to securely ingest motion imagery for exploitation, dissemination and display of critical information around their military bases and C4i environments.


Features & Benefits

Display IP video & intel data with Digital Visualisation

Display IP video & intel data with Digital Visualisation

Incorporate live operational streams, news, data, video and tailored information to communicate, inform and alert soldiers and personnel around military bases.

Content Security and SRT support

Content Security and SRT support

Distribute live video securely and reliably between remote sites over the internet using the SRT protocol.

Deliver live mission motion imagery on any device

Deliver live mission motion imagery on any device

Enable soldiers in the field to easily exploit, disseminate and view live and recorded operational content on their preferred device.

Use Cases

Digital visualisation for Military Organisations

ArtioSign enables live operational streams and video to be quickly incorporated into impactful visualisation to communicate, inform and alert with live news, data, video and tailored information.

  • Update signage on the move – change what is being displayed on screen using your remote control or tablet, while ensuring the right message reaches military staff or soldiers at the right time.
  • Schedule content to be displayed at different times to target your message to the right audience at the right time, on individual or multiple screens throughout military bases.
  • Restrict user access and permissions to specific groups and easily control visualisation creation, editing and publishing. Users with the same profile can view and edit the same playlists, making the creation process completely seamless.

IPTV in Military Organisations

IPTV middleware enables the simple creation of tailored interfaces for an enhanced viewing experience on any device.

  • Consume diverse video streams from the field using our end-to-end solutions and display live mission streams with KLV metadata in command and control C4i deployments.
  • Disseminate content from a command point to the C4i environment, displayed via AvediaStream Media Players, mounted or unmounted computing devices. 
  • Efficiently engage with remote employees – keep staff connected, informed and trained with live and recorded video distributed across secure networks.
  • Give soldiers access to live news and recorded video content, such as training or government announcements, on any connected device to aid critical decision-making and situational awareness.
  • Watch multiple mission content streams simultaneously,, letting IP Motion Imagery system administrators view the whole content picture on one screen. 

Accommodation solutions for Military Organisations

ArtioView enables personnel to access high-quality, educative and entertaining video content from the comfort of their base accommodation, while keeping them up to date with the latest global and military news.

  • Let soldiers easily access relevant information, such as base store information, gym and laundry opening hours or cafeteria menus on their TV.
  • Make Video on Demand (VoD) content quickly accessible, so soldiers can keep up to date with the latest training videos.
  • Provide TV entertainment to soldiers and staff on military bases and help create a feeling of ‘home away from home’.