Understanding IP Video Technologies

With the terms ‘IPTV’ and ‘AVoIP’ frequently interchanged, focusing on the use case can help determine the right technology for your IP video distribution.

IP-based video distribution offers many well-recognised advantages over legacy analogue technologies, including reliability, flexibility, reach and cost – especially as Ethernet-based networks are deployed into new buildings as standard. Recently, the terms ‘IPTV’ and ‘AV over IP’ (AVoIP) have been used interchangeably, which has led to some confusion at both a technical and application level.

This guide offers a candid look at the different technologies and use cases. Aimed at both newcomers and more experienced specifiers, integrators and end users, this guide is a 10-minute read that helps to demystify the subject and aids the reader in understanding IP video technologies to help work out which is most suited for a range of use cases.

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