IP Video & Digital Signage Solutions for Broadcast & Media

Deliver, monitor and manage live TV and video content around broadcasters' corporate offices, studios and editing suites

Broadcasters, content providers and media agencies around the world use Exterity IP video and digital signage solutions to distribute video around broadcasters' corporate facilities, television studios and editing suites, enabling staff to watch breaking news and monitor channel output across a wide-range of devices.

Using the Exterity system, news and media teams can continuously record TV channels for on-demand viewing and repurposing. Production teams can also create their own channels, promoting their range of services and stream digital signage and entertainment in public areas.

IP video for broadcast and media

Exterity solutions in Broadcast and Media

  • Take live TV channels and deliver them to individual employee desktops, mobile devices and communal area screens so media staff can track breaking news and monitor their own and competitor output
  • Distribute live feeds from broadcast-quality cameras around studios and production galleries for channel monitoring. Multiple feeds can also be monitored simultaneously, enabling staff to see the whole content picture on one screen
  • Provide a bridge between IPTV and SDI environments with our range of encoders and receivers
  • Continuously record TV channels for viewing on-demand and repurposing
  • Showcase media agency work and promotional content with combined IP video and digital signage in public areas
  • Centrally manage and control channel viewing from one place
  • Reinforce your corporate image by creating fully customized, branded TV/video channel viewing interfaces


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