IP Video & Digital Signage Solutions for Education

Deliver a first class educational experience from live lecture streaming to TV in student accommodation

Communicate  more effectively to students, staff and visitors across campus

From receptions and hallways, to cafeterias, lecture theatres labs and libraries, Exterity IP video and digital signage solutions can distribute content that greatly enhances the student experience and campus communications and help you to provide a first class educational experience.

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Exterity solutions in Education

  • Deliver live TV, campus and news channels to any number of displays in reception areas, lecture theatres, hallways and student accommodation
  • Combine video with digital signage to display course-related announcements such as timetables, events and activities and wayfinding across campus
  • Live-stream lectures, graduation ceremonies, sporting events and productions across campus, to mobile devices and the internet
  • Create a digital video library of lectures and educational programmes that students can access on demand on any display or mobile device
  • Stream foreign language TV channels to language departments as well as in student accommodation
  • Customise the TV and video interface, creating a tailored look and feel per faculty

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