IP Video & Digital Signage Solutions for Corporate and Finance

Deliver timely, impactful communications that engage and inform staff, visitors and customers

Video and digital signage are increasingly used in a corporate environment to engage with staff and customers and effectively communicate a wide range of information, training and promotions. 

Securely distribute live and archived news, on-demand content and training materials, or relay company-wide briefings and events to public screens and desktops over a corporate network. Stream video simultaneously within signage screens to reinforce corporate communications with branded, engaging messaging, alerts and company news.


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Employee engagement

Increase Employee Engagement

Create a sense of community and get higher collaboration and commitment by sharing high-value information such as training, company-wide announcements or KPIs

customer experience

Enhance the Customer Experience

 Create closer customer-brand relashionships with tailored and up-to-the minute information about your range of products and services

Reception area

Transform your Reception Area

Transform your reception area into a welcoming space while reinforcing your brand image by sharing wayfinding and marketing information

Video and Digital Signage in Corporate and Finance

Employee Communications

Update employees on the latest company news and upcoming events, communicate HR announcements, display menu boards, share KPIs information and recognise employee contribution and achievements with ArtioSign digital signage.

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Live News and Events on any Device

Wth IP video, headquarters can stay connected with satellite offices by live-streaming events to multiple locations, track breaking news on trading floor screens and stream global events or training straight to monitors, PCs and compatible mobile devices in any location with ArtioPortal.

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Reception Areas

Create welcoming spaces and share relevant content including news and social media feeds within uniquely branded signage screens to reduce perceived wait times and create a positive first impression.

Marketing Communications

Generate additional revenue by promoting your products and services within eye-catching signage screens, communicate more than one message at a time and maintain customer loyalty by displaying discounts and opportunities.

Decision-making Information

Deliver live and pre-recorded international news and business information along with relevant information from internal and external sources to aid critical decision-making and stay one step ahead.

Meeting Room Information

Display and check meeting room availability and find out which rooms are free or busy at a glance.

How to transform your corporate communications with our interactive guides

Transforming Corporate Communications with Video

Transforming Corporate Communications with Video

This guide discusses some of the key challenges facing enterprises today, and how IP video and digital signage solutions can help address them, increase employee engagement and improve overall business operations.

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Improving Corporate Communications with Digital Signage

Improving Corporate Communications with Digital Signage

This guide looks at the ways in which corporate businesses can harness the power of digital signage to improve their communications, both internal and external.

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Exterity Design Service

Helping you create eye-catching digital signage

If you’re lacking the design expertise to turn something that’s ‘just okay’ into attractive and engaging digital signage screen, we can help. The Exterity Design Service enables you to get a set of customised ArtioSign design templates that will give you that step-up to creating well-designed signage screens. Contact us and our local Exterity representative will be in touch to discuss your requirements and guide you through the process. 

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Bank of China

Bank of China

IP video facilitates decision-making at Bank of China

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World news streamed to collaborative spaces to keep employees informed

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Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters

Employees keep in touch with the world from their desktops

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