Aena Case Study

Spanish Airport Authorities modernize communications systems with Exterity IPTV solution

When the Spanish Airport Authorities wanted to modernize the communication systems in terminals across Malaga, Seville, Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante airports, they chose an integrated solution combining Exterity IPTV with digital signage technology. The end result was an impressive, scalable and easy to upgrade system delivering IP video and digital signage cost-effectively over the LAN.

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The Challenge

Taking terrestrial and satellite TV signals and converting them to IP streams on the existing network means multiple screens can display different channels simultaneously around the terminals without compromising quality or having to run additional cables.

The system architecture includes an Exterity AvediaStream Chassis, with the security of a redundant power supply, and the ability to hot swap IPTV modules. The chassis hosts DVB-T gateways which stream channels from local DTT services and DVB-S/S2 gateways, with integrated CAM slots, which descramble and stream channels from satellite services.

AvediaStream Media Players are mounted on TV screens and monitors around the terminal to display the channels available on the airport network. Access to channels can be controlled locally by viewers using remote controls or can be controlled from a central management point.

An AvediaServer located in the airport communications room provides control of the Exterity IPTV. In addition, the AvediaServer is configured with 3TB of storage on its chassis that can store more than 1000 SD, 300 HD or 6000 Audio hours of on-demand and scheduled-play content.

The Solution

Taking the digital signage player output and turning it into an IP video channel on the network means it can be viewed by any IPTV media player attached to a display; a solution which is much more cost-effective than having a digital signage player attached to each end point display.

To put the digital signage player signal onto the IP network, an Extron converter firstly turns the VGA output of digital signage provider dZine’s player into a PAL video signal. Next an Exterity AvediaStream Encoder encodes the PAL signal into an MPEG video stream. This way the Exterity AvediaStream Media Players, mounted with the LCD screens around the terminal, receive the signage input as simply an additional available channel.


The Result

The essential departures and arrivals information system was optimized and the commercial opportunities for shops, restaurants and bars within the airport improved as they were able to promote themselves by offering commercial TV, scheduled play TV channels and promotional messages.

The most significant benefit of the system is its flexibility. With HD being more and more in demand it is important that airports can easily upgrade from SD to HD encoders and media players, and this is what an Exterity IP video system offers. Exterity technologies are compatible and scalable and the modules in the chassis can be hot swapped minimizing downtime in airports and other critical operational spaces.

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