Exterity Culture

Exterity Culture


Here at Exterity, our people are everything and we live by our values:

Making a difference – Ensuring we are all involved in work that is important to and valued by the company, we know how it is linked to the business goals and how our inputs contribute to that.

Contribution – Everyone counts; we are all big cogs in small teams. We have responsibility and autonomy in our roles and being part of small teams means we are closely involved in decision-making.

Relaxed – We deliver great products but we do so in a relaxed and fun way as much as possible.

Exterity Office

The office is open planned and maintains a relaxed atmosphere, whilst creating a comfortable and stimulating work environment. We have many different areas where people can come together to collaborate on projects and have development reviews. We also have our informal meeting area, known as the 'soft play' area, which is used for team meetings, informal catch-ups, a chat over lunch, or simply a quiet place to think and plan!

We are partial to a Friday treat and many of us indulge in Fat Roll Friday and Nando’s Friday. Exterity employees also run a fun club, supported by the company, and regularly meet to arrange events and outings in which employees and their families can participate.