Fully customisable IPTV portal interface, delivering a seamless and interactive viewing experience

Discover ArtioView* (previously named ArtioGuest), Exterity’s fully customisable, interactive IPTV portal for a range of viewing environments, from hotels and cruise ships to student or workplace accommodation, stadium VIP suites, offices, hospitals or military camps. This premium solution is incredibly easy to use with its drag-and-drop portal creation tool, while offering an enhanced and intuitive infotainment experience.

ArtioView enables the creation of eye-catching, tailored interfaces for accessing not only TV or Video on Demand, but also requests or purchases such as room service, enabling the promotion of specific amenities and services.

ArtioView also fully integrates with hospitality Property Management Systems (PMS), allowing guests to book excursions, order a taxi, check their bill and more, at any point during their stay.

*ArtioGuest is now ArtioView, to more accurately reflect the broader range of infotainment environments in which it is used.


Features & Benefits


Create a premium viewing experience

  • Keep viewers entertained by giving them access to a rich variety of local and international TV channels, movies and TV shows on demand. Access canbe controlled (e.g., children can only see appropriate content) and encrypted video content is supported. Read more about TV Distribution
  • Enable viewers to share image and video content, such as Netflix or YouTube, from their mobile device directly to the in-room IPTV portal using Chromecast. 
  • Allow viewers to easily switch source and access devices such as a games console or laptop, Apple TV, or any available app on a SmartTV (e.g., Netflix, YouTube and Spotify)
  • Let viewers record their favourite programmes to watch later directly through the EPG or using the Recording element.
  • Enable international viewers to select their preferred language for the interface.
ArtioGuest Breakfast menu

Drive additional revenue

  • Enable viewers to request and purchase items or services, from excursions, spa treatments and room service, to team merchandise, VIP suite refreshments or booking a taxi
  • Let your audience know what services are on offer and provide them with an even better experience whilst promoting your services.
  • For hospitality guests, movie purchase and check out are made easy with seamless PMS integration, which also enables guests to check their bill at any time.

Deliver a personalised experience and enhance your brand image

  • ArtioView's highly flexible interface offers countless design possibilities, ensuring you can provide your viewers with an intuitive user interface that exceeds their expectations, while promoting your services and driving additional revenue.
  • Reinforce your image by tailoring the viewing interface to your brand. Each element in the portal can be easilycustomised and updated to reflect your identity.
  • Personalise the type of portal viewers will see based on criteria such as loyalty programme level, or as part of a reward scheme, ensuring they enjoy a unique and fully customised experience. Choose which services theycan access, such as premium TV channels, and create a tailored experience.#
  • Easily communicate with your audience: send them messages, information or promotions directly to theirTV. Messages can be scheduled ahead of time to inform recipients about upcoming events or activities.
ArtioView UI example

Multi-language support

Enable international audiences to select their preferred language for the interface.

TV source switch

Let viewers easily access their own devices, such as their laptop or game console, or any app available on a SmartTV such as YouTube, Netflix and Spotify.


Easily communicate with your audience by creating and sending them reminders, information or promotional messages.

Exterity Design Service and Training Videos

Providing a helping hand

If you need help creating attractive and intuitive interactive TV portals, we can help you get started with our Design Service and How To feature overview videos. 

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