St Barbara Care Centre

St. Barbara Care Centre Case Study

St. Barbara Care Centre selects Exterity IPTV Solution for resident entertainment

St. Barbara in Wijosch is a nursing home for clients with dementia. The two residential wings, Vijverhof and Parklaan, each consist of six small-scale residential groups of eight residents, with activities and dinner organised in the communal living rooms. De Schakel, the village centre, is also located in St. Barbara, which offers a meeting place for the entire community of Wijbosch.

During renovations of St Barbara Care Centre and the construction of its new building in Schijndel, The Netherlands, the need for a more modern, future-proof IPTV solution was identified. For the new system, it was important that the users had flexibility to add video sources and update the system itself.

St Barbara Care Centre

The Challenge

St. Barbara approached system integrator Mansveld to install an IPTV system for their project, who in turn contacted Intronics and found the perfect solution from Exterity. The challenge for Intronics was the delivery of an IPTV system that offers 25 TV channels to each client, including video recordings of its onsite chapel services for those who are immobile. There is also a chapel on site that records its services, which is also made available for clients who are immobile.

As well as their furniture, clients can also bring their own television to the care centre. This meant that the system had to be compatible with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) principle, whereby both a digital and an analogue television can be connected.

The Solution

Intronics supervised the entire project up to and including the commissioning, with meticulous installation planning put in place so that any adjustments and possible expansion in the future can be achieved with minimal investment.

System integrator Mansveld made it simple to keep the system up to date and expandable, so that new transmitters can always be added. The Exterity IPTV system is suitable for the distribution of both analogue and digital audio/video sources, which are provided via Exterity’s AvediaServer central management platform, satellite gateways, encoders and media players.

St Barbara Care Centre TV
St Barbara Care Centre TV
St Barbara Care Centre Tv and receiver

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