Exterity Demonstrates How Video and Digital Signage Transform Learning at Cosn 2017 Annual Conference

Exterity will demonstrate how K-12 schools and districts can enhance communications with students and faculty and enhance learning material for tech-savvy children

Edinburgh, March 21, 2017 - Exterity, a leading provider of IP video and digital signage technologies, will demonstrate its flexible, scalable and cost-effective, fully integrated digital signage and IP video solutions, which enable schools to deliver dynamic HD signage and video content to any device, across the entire school district. The highly adaptable solutions are future-proofed, ensuring that the original investment pays off in the long run. The Exterity product portfolio to be demonstrated at CoSN 2017 Annual Conference provides the following benefits:

  1. Use digital signage to promote school news and events, building directories and lunch menus in common areas.
  2. Increase student engagement with video-based morning announcements that can be delivered across the school.
  3. Deliver TV and video content to displays, PCs and mobile devices in every classroom.
  4. Instantly communicate warnings and special instructions to students, staff and visitors in an emergency.
  5. Share Cable TV channels across the school district without having to encode Cable set-top boxes.
  6. Stream live events such as graduation ceremonies and sporting events around campus, to mobile devices and the internet.
  7. Continuously record important channels to make sure content is always available for on-demand viewing.
  8. Digitize educational DVDs for sharing in a district-wide library.

Exterity has partnered with a number of top-tier schools and districts like Penn Trafford, Parkland School District and Township High School District 214, as well as global higher education institutions like University College London, City University London, University of Surrey, University of Aberdeen and City of Glasgow College.

CoSN 2017 Annual ConferenceCoSN 2017 Annual Conference provides district technology leaders with the resources needed to successfully effect change – from personalized learning to digital equity and accessibility for all students. This year’s four-day conference will address how school leaders can ensure that all learners can be “continually connected” both in school and outside, how school leaders can copy with the complexity of constant connectivity as the new norm, and how school leaders create educational environments that support continued improvement – all questions that Exterity helps school districts, K-12 schools and other educational institutions around the world address.