Exterity Delivers State-Of-The-Art IP Video for Turkey's Presidential Palace Bestepe National Congress and Culture Centre Project

Edinburgh - November 2018

Today we announced that the Presidential Palace Bestepe National Congress and Culture Centre Project (Ankara, Turkey) has deployed its IP video system to provide a world-class live and digital experience to its esteemed guests.

Located in the Bestepe district of Ankara, the Presidency Complex hosts visiting heads of state and dignitaries. One of the Palace’s standout features is a multi-purpose hall, which seats over 2,000 people and hosts a variety of live performances, from concerts and opera to theatre and musicals. This created the need for a state-of-the-art IP video system that would enable guests to enjoy high-quality video content throughout the hall as well as in the multi-purpose foyer, exhibition areas, rooms and management offices.

Deployed by Atempo, Exterity’s regional channel partner, the Exterity IP video system is used for the distribution of live TV and streaming of Video on Demand content onto all screens throughout the Culture and Congress Center. The Exterity IPTV solution is part of a wider project that includes an LED wall, stage lighting system, 3D electroacoustic audio technology, as well as a simultaneous interpretation system capable of supporting 12 languages and 24 translators.


Some of the world’s highest-ranking officials stay at the Presidential Palace, so it was important that they had an IP video system that was able to support the delivery of outstanding live performances and conferences. Our system provides the Palace with advanced features and centralised management that facilitate the seamless delivery of powerful live experiences throughout the complex. We’re proud that our IP video system is helping the Presidential Palace foster better communication and cultural exchange between some of its most important guests

Colin Farquhar, CEO of Exterity

The Exterity system at the Presidential Palace National Congress and Culture Centre Project comprises:

  • AvediaStream® TVgateways delivering live video to sources across the venue .
  • AvediaServer® central server to manage the content and screens from a single platform
  • AvediaPlayer media players to receive and display high-quality video streams on all displays