Announcing the expanded AvediaStream Encoder e3635 range

Announcing the expanded AvediaStream Encoder e3635 range

We are delighted to announce the immediate availability of the Exterity AvediaStream Encoder V2.4 firmware, supporting the expanded e3635 range. (October 2015)

The introduction of the e3635- Standard and e3635- Professional Encoders bring even greater choice and flexibility to the Exterity Encoder product range.

e3635 Standard Encoder
Developed to match cost sensitive environments, the e3635 Standard Encoder delivers HD or SD streams from a wide range of outputs over your existing IP network.

e3635 Professional Encoder offers additional features including:

  • Content protection (HDCPv2)
  • Scaling
  • Multiple delivery streams
  • Mobile device delivery
  • CDN contribution
  • Watermarking

The full Exterity Encoder range contains SD and HD encoders, each with their own audio, video and encoding capabilities, to match a wide-range of industry and solution requirements.

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