10 ways to create Covid-safe Government & Public Sector facilities with Digital Signage

10 ways to create Covid-safe Government & Public Sector facilities with Digital Signage


Vital services in the public sector, local and central government offices have remained open since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and, while other organisations were asked to close, these facilities have continued operating. Like thousands of organisations globally, public sector facilities and government offices have had to incorporate changes and accommodate increased hygiene measures and social distancing policies, to ensure a safe environment for their employees and visitors. For those employees working at home or in disparate offices, it is vital that they receive real-time updates of new protective measures, new guidelines, and restrictions in what is an ever-changing situation.

Governments and public sector facilities have had to assess what communication tools they can implement to create safe working environments. IP Video and Digital Signage can help ensure everyone remains engaged and well informed on changes, as and when, they happen.

Here are 10 simple ways to create covid-safe Government & Public Sector facilities with Digital Signage:

Use Reception screens to welcome staff and visitors and let them know how to proceed
Widely promote health & safety measures and local government lockdown rules
Improve people flow around facilities with directions on multiple signage screens
Inform staff and visitors of changes to meeting rooms, one-way systems or restricted areas
In meeting rooms, alert users of number restrictions and new hygiene procedures
Indicate how many people are allowed in different areas of a building at the same time
Provide consistent branding and messaging across integrated local government facilities
Advise on how to clean any communal equipment that will be used by others
Advise staff of new procedures for deliveries, cafeterias, kitchens and shared facilities
Live stream meetings across multiple locations, to additional meeting rooms, desktops & mobile devices, as well as to staff working remotely

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