AvediaStream Encoders

Stream high-quality, live and pre-recorded low latency video content over IP

Exterity AvediaStream Encoders stream live and pre-recorded video and audio directly onto an IP network, creating a single channel from the output of a wide range of sources, including satellite TV set-top boxes, digital signage systems and personal computers.

The Exterity Encoder ranges contains HD and SD Encoders, each with their own audio-video encoding capabilities, suitable for a wide-range of industry and video solution requirements.

Flexible and easy to use, AvediaStream Encoders integrate seamlessly within any Exterity IP video solution or industry-standard solution. System management from the Exterity AvediaServer provides an easy way to control content delivery to each individual screen.

product encoder source

Benefits of Exterity Encoders include:

  • Take any source and make a channel available on the network alongside live broadcast channels streamed from Exterity AvediaStream TVgateways
  • Deliver high-quality streams with full HD (1080p) encoding
  • Minimize glass-to-glass latency with full multicast delivery when streaming live video
  • AvediaStream e3635 HDCP Encoders enable organizations to legally stream premium audio-visual content to up to 1000 compatible Exterity AvediaPlayer Receivers
  • Support MPEG-2 or MPEG-4/ H.264 video formats
  • Support stream options from multicast UDP to HLS or RTSP for delivery to fixed and mobile devices
  • Provide IR Out to facilitate optional control of AV sources via the IP network
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Streaming video content beyond the LAN

Exterity Encoders can extend TV and video streams outside the LAN for delivery to the internet and mobile devices. HLS and RTSP streaming protocols enable Encoder AV sources to contribute to Content Delivery Networks, or stream directly to mobile devices and desktops.

Watch the ‘Beyond the LAN’ video

The Exterity Encoder comparison table below details the specific features of each model to help you select the most suitable Encoder to meet your requirements.

AvediaStream Encoder blades must be installed in an AvediaStream Chassis.

Secure video - AvediaStream e3635 HDCP Encoders

Broadcasters, media operators and organizations need to safeguard content streamed via their enterprise IP video system and protect the material from illegal copying and distribution.

Exterity AvediaStream e3635 HDCP Encoders enable organizations to legitimately stream directly from a content protected HDMI video source to up to 1000 displays, meeting the legal requirement for HDCP content to be protected from source to display. Organizations can benefit from peace of mind, knowing that all streamed content is fully protected.

Download the Exterity Content Protection pdf here.

Choose the AvediaStream Encoders for your needs from the table below.

Source IR out source control      
Inputs 2 1 1 1 1 1 1
Video Input Composite            
SD Component      
HD Component        
HD AV        
SDI (SD, HD, 3G)          
Audio Input Line Level Stereo Audio      
Embedded Audio    
PCM Digital Audio    
Encoding HD 1080p          
HD 1080i/720p    
HDCPv2 Protection              
HDCP Professional Content Protection            
Video Scaler    
MPEG-1 Layer II Audio  
Stereo AAC Audio    
No.of Clients UDP/RTP multicast Unlimited Unlimited  Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
UDP/RTP unicast 10 1  10 10 10 10 10
HLS      10 10   10  

Not sure what some of these acronyms mean? Look them up here.

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