AvediaPlayer Receivers, IPTV Set-Top Box, Enterprise IPTV STB, HD Receiver

AvediaPlayer Receivers - Enterprise IP Video Set-Top Boxes

Receive and deliver high quality video streams to any TV screen

Exterity AvediaPlayer Receivers are highly reliable set- top boxes that connect any screen to an IP network, enabling the receipt of live TV and video, or Video on Demand. Exterity Receivers also work with Artio middleware to provide a completely customizable end user experience. For installations where middleware is not required, receivers also provides a full featured, customizable viewer interface.

Flexible and easy to install, Exterity Receivers work seamlessly with Exterity TVgateway, Encoder and Transcoder products, as well as third party products.

Benefits of Exterity Receivers include:

  • Ease of install; simply plug and play
  • Built-in, full featured viewer interface
  • Automatic channel discovery
  • Easily customize design and apply company branding with Artio middleware
  • Decode and display up to 1080p60 for excellent image quality
  • Deliver end-to-end content protection to adhere to broadcaster and content provider security requirements
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) simplifies the installation process and saves on the cost of cabling and power points
  • Low power consumption makes Exterity Receivers an economical choice for large scale video display systems
  • HDMI and analogue outputs match any screen or resolution
  • Incorporate live TV with visually engaging and informative external content such as digital signage

Choose the AvediaPlayer Receivers to suit your needs from the table below. 

AvediaPlayer Receivers table

Ensuring your content is always protected

Content security is vitally important to both content providers and businesses. Exterity has integrated advanced conditional access controls so that only those with the right to view certain content can do so. Built-in DRM and security technologies also ensure that you can meet the increasingly stringent content protection demands of broadcasters and other content providers.

Video Wall

Video Wall

Easily combine Exterity Receivers to create a full featured video wall

Exterity Receivers help you scale your on-screen content across multiple displays. Each individual screen requires direct connection to a dedicated Receiver, resulting in no limit to the number of screens used or formation of the video wall.

Each screen in the video wall can be set to display unique content, a single channel or video source can also be split across any or all of the screens in the video wall, or the Receivers can be set to display a combination of shared and separate video. Unit to unit sync is within a frame, so large displays can be created from multiple screens.

Receiver Development Kit

To find out how Exterity Receivers can integrate with third party solutions, please visit the Partner Hub.

Read more: download product brochures and technical datasheets from the drop down menu at the top right of the page.

AvediaPlayer Plugin

AvediaPlayer Plugin integrates with a wide variety of digital signage devices and other dedicated Windows application platforms to display HD TV and video content.

  • Add live TV and VoD to digital signage applications
  • Customize engaging digital signage to distribute information and advertising
  • Ideal for public spaces such as reception and arrival areas, boardrooms, recreational and social zones
  • Securely adds premium broadcast channels through integration with SecureMedia content encryption


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