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AvediaPlayer Receivers - Enterprise IPTV Set-Top Boxes

Discreet, robust and reliable HD ready set-top boxes

Exterity AvediaPlayer Receivers are compact, HD ready set-top boxes that connect any screen to an existing IP network, enabling the receipt of live or recorded video streams. With centralized administrator control from the multi-service AvediaServer, Exterity receivers are easy to install with intuitive and customizable web based user interfaces.

AvediaPlayer Receivers have the ability to play video from a wide range of sources. In a simple IPTV set up, channel information is picked up automatically by the Receiver and the channel list can be seen by the end user as they bring up menus or change channels using the remote control. Receivers can play video stored on USB sticks, network drives connected to the Receiver or web servers.

The Exterity Receiver static channel feature allows a customer to have their own content appear in the standard channel list. End users can seamlessly move between live broadcast and stored video using the remote control - particularly useful in corporate and hospitality environments, where regulatory and service orientated video resources such as training, facility safety, or operational announcements must be shared with employees, visitors or guests.

Video Wall

Video Wall

Exterity Receivers can display content as a video wall. Each individual screen requires direct connection to a dedicated Receiver, resulting in no limit to the number of screens used or formation of the video wall.

Each screen in the video wall can be set to display unique content, a single channel or video source can also be split across any or all of the screens in the video wall, or the Receivers can be set to display a combination of shared and separate video. Unit to unit sync is within a frame, so large displays can be created from multiple screens.



Exterity is the first manufacturer of enterprise video over IP technologies to meet exacting digital content protection protocols by embedding HDCPv2 into Avedia head end and Receiver clients. As the only content protection technology to secure the complete video path across an IP network, from HDCP video source to HDCP end point, any business wishing to show Blu-ray or other HDCP protected content can confidently do so, safe in the knowledge that their Exterity system is truly secure and compliant with HDCP.

AvediaPlayer Receivers table

AvediaPlayer Receivers

The AvediaPlayer r9200

The AvediaPlayer r9200 connects an HD TV to your existing IP network to receive digital TV channels and other video sources. It features a single Ethernet port and an HDMI output in a compact form factor and has the lowest power consumption of all Exterity Receivers.


AvediaPlayer r9200 Receiver

  • Supports a variety of HDMI video resolution formats up to 1080p
  • Has the lowest power consumption and the smallest footprint
  • Extensive channel management capabilities
  • USB port for keyboard, mouse, touch screen or external storage
  • Built-in user interface, web browser for middleware integration, or iPhone app support extensive user control and convenience
  • Highly granular administration and control with Exterity AvediaServer management applications, also supports administration via HTTP web interface, SNMP and TCI
  • Supports Exterity iPhone app, allowing WiFi control of receiver
  • Unit to unit sync for real time synchronization of video and audio

The AvediaPlayer r9210

The AvediaPlayer r9210 is a versatile stand alone receiver for connecting almost any TV or AV display device to your IP network. It builds on the foundation of the r9200 and adds numerous additional analogue outputs to extend the life of existing AV equipment.

Adds support for HD component, SD composite, SD S-Video and analogue stereo audio outputs.

Additional to the AvediaPlayer r9200 this receiver delivers:

AvediaPlayer r9210 receiver

  • HD Component via phono connectors
  • SD video: Component and Composite via phono and S-Video

The AvediaPlayer r9220

The AvediaPlayer r9220 combines the functionality of the r9200 with three additional VLAN enabled Ethernet ports allow organizations to provide additional tripleplay services (e.g. voice, Internet access and business applications) via one device for lower capital and operating costs.

Additional to the AvediaPlayer r9200 this receiver delivers:

AvediaPlayer Receiver r9220

  • 4-port Ethernet switch for delivery of additional network services


The Receiver Development Kit (RDK) is a platform that allows Exterity partners the ability to integrate their own solutions with third-party applications and back-end components such as middleware.

Exterity AvediaPlayer Receivers include an integrated browser and may be controlled using any or a combination of the following:

  • IR remote
  • USB devices (e.g. keyboard, mouse, touch screen)
  • Telnet Control Interface (TCI)
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) interface
  • JavaScript API

The JavaScript API gives programmers extensive control of the Exterity receiver, including commonly used functionality such as changing channels, controlling volume, and video functionality such as fast forwarding as well as all configurable parameters (e.g., network settings, browser settings, and maintenance functions). It also provides a mechanism for sending customized JavaScript events to the integrated browser.

Video On-Demand (VoD)

VoD Shot
  • A customized VoD interface that can integrate with a payment system
  • Control the playback of VoD content: pause, rewind, fast forward

Customizable User Interface

Customisable User Interface
  • Customize the TV user interface and tailor your solution to various groups at scheduled times in different places
  • Customize the TV user interface, such as channel lists and interface menus
  • Add value by seamlessly integrating with existing standard IPTV equipment

AvediaPlayer Plugin

AvediaPlayer Plugin integrates with a wide variety of digital signage devices and other dedicated Windows application platforms to display HD TV and video content.

  • Add live TV and VoD to digital signage applications
  • Customize engaging digital signage to distribute information and advertising
  • Ideal for public spaces such as reception and arrival areas, boardrooms, recreational and social zones
  • Securely adds premium broadcast channels through integration with SecureMedia content encryption


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