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Exterity announces the new AvediaStream t5600 is now available

Edinburgh, 20th July 2015 – Exterity, the leading provider of enterprise IP video solutions, today announced that the new AvediaStream t5600 Transcoder is now available.

The Exterity AvediaStream t5600 Transcoder is a rack mounted 1U appliance designed to convert streams into a format suitable for streaming beyond the LAN and playing on a wide range of client devices.

The t5600 uses powerful hardware transcoding to deliver the correct stream format to match installations with mobile devices, complex network topologies, bandwidth limitations, or a mix of devices of different vintages or manufacturers.

The t5600 can:

  • Convert streams for streaming beyond the LAN and playing on mobile/non-IPTV devices/legacy devices
  • Deliver streams beyond the LAN
  • Contribute streams into an Origin Server (such as the Exterity o7500) or a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for ongoing delivery to very large numbers of devices
  • Fully integrate with all Exterity head end and client devices