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Exterity announces the new AvediaStream o7500 Origin Server is now available

Exterity, the leading provider of enterprise IP video solutions, announced the new availability of the new AvediaStream o7500 Origin Server. (September 2015)

The dynamic AvediaStream o7500 Origin Server enables organizations to effortlessly deliver video content to even more device types across a wider range of networks. A fully scalable solution to distribute enterprise IP video across LAN, Wi-Fi, WAN and the internet, the Exterity Origin Server is our most flexible content distribution tool yet.

Benefits of AvediaStream Origin Server:

  • Real-time delivery of video and audio content to all screen/network types
  • Extend the reach of enterprise IP video by distributing audiovisual content to numerous mobile devices
  • Enable users of mobile devices to seamlessly integrate with the IPTV ecosystem